Mountain Justice Summer Convergence 2015

Kanawha Forest Coalition picture2   Summer Camp! – May 30 – June 2
   Organizer’s Gathering! – June 4 – June 7


​We can’t wait to see you all at the Mountain Justice Convergence this June!


This year, MJ is branching out from our traditional summer camp model to meet the evolving needs of a network that has built up over MJ’s 10 years of resistance to the destruction of Appalachia. Over the last decade, this time together has become an important place for organizers doing powerful work in Appalachia to share stories, collaborate, build the movement, and just hang out in lovely spots in the mountains. Our spot this year is in the Kanawha State Forest, close to Charleston, WV, and right next to a sprawling strip mine. The location is beautiful and intentionally chosen: not only will we get to hike and bike in these lovely mountains with friends old and new, but host organizers with the Kanawha Forest Coalition will share experience from the campaign to permanently shut down the KD #2 Mine.

MJ Summer Convergence

Here are some schedule updates for the Mountain Justice Summer Convergence

Saturday May 30

Most people arrive Saturday afternoon, unload and set up camp

Saturday night: first meal served.  Please register for MJSC so we have enough food for you and your friends!

Sunday May 31: Schedule for the day to be determined at Morning Circle (9:00), possible trip to Kayford Mountain to see mountaintop removal mine around Larry Gibson’s homeplace.

Sunday night: Panel discussion with members of the Kanawha Forest Coalition.  Music with WV Delegate Mike Pushkin; late night campfire and music jams

Monday June 1: Schedule wfor the day will be determined at the Morning Circle.  Possible Workshops:  “The History of Resistance to Strip Mining in Appalachia” with Dr. Lou Martin, Chatham University.  Climb Training with Eric.  “Cast Iron and Dutch Oven Cooking” with Lisa Worley.  Plant walks.  Learn about the MTR mine near Kanawha State Forest.  3:00 “Listening for a Change” workshop with Michael and Carrie Kline, focusing on recording oral histories

Monday after dinner: Music with WV Folk Singers Michael and Carrie Kline

Late night music jams, campfire, documentary films

Tuesday June 2: Workshops, Hiking.  Posssible trip to Kayford Mountain.  “Tipi Living” “Willow Domes” with Lisa Worley.  Mountain Biking with Dave Cooper (bring your Mountain Bike and helmet)

Tuesday night music, campfire, Talent Show

Wednesday June 3: Quaker student group departs

** If you would like to lead a workshop during the first part of MJSC, please bring your workshop materials to the convergence and plan to announce your workshop at the Morning Circle.

Mountain Justice Spring Break – March 7-14, 2015

Natural Tunnel State Park

Southwest Virginia

We are excited to announce that for the fifth year in a row the RReNEW Collective and Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards (SAMS) will be hosting Mountain Justice Spring Break in Virginia from March 7-14, 2015 at beautiful Natural Tunnel State Park in Southwest VA.

Registration is now live!

As a participant, you’ll engage with the environmental, health, economic, and social impacts that decades of coal mining as a mono-economy has had on Appalachian communities, and learn about organizing and resistance efforts. Beyond mountaintop removal, you’ll learn about a broad range of environmental and social justice issues in Central Appalachia, and the exciting work being done by community groups to transition the economy and build resilience.

Our days will consist of workshops, service field trips, and opportunities to network with other activists, and our evenings will wind down with citizen and local organizer panels, music and campfires, and story-sharing with a diverse group of others working for social justice.

Over the course of this event, we will meet and support the folks working to build a better future for Appalachia, build our own skills as organizers and change agents, and along the way have fun, go hiking and put a little elbow grease into local service projects!

Over 100 people are expected to attend.

Make new friends and meet other concerned, caring young activists at MJSB!

For more information and to register, go here or paste

Talkupy’s Podcast about MJSB

And please watch & share this excellent short film about MJSB made by a participant in MJSB 2014


Support the Alpha 8

On June 20th of 2014, eight people were arrested for blockading the Alpha Natural Resources headquarters in Bristol, Virginia. In this action, we were continuing Mountain Justice’s ongoing campaign to stop Alpha from strip mining Coal River Mountain.

We were protesting to keep the water in neighboring communities drinkable, to keep cancer rates from skyrocketing, and to push for a healthy transition away from the coal economy in Appalachia. Unfortunately, Alpha was in no mood to play around. We were hit with heavy fines for ridiculous claims, such as the damage that police did to Alpha’s front doors during their attempts to extract us.

We now face $4,064 in fines. As large as that is, though, I think we can get there. The size and commitment of the Mountain Justice community has never ceased to astonish me. If we all pitch in what we can, we’ll be off the hook and ready for another action in no time!

Mountain Justice Annual Meeting

Springhouse Community School, Floyd VA

Nov 14-16 (Fri – Sun)

Springhouse Community School is a cool alternative school in Floyd County Virginia (which is near Blacksburg VA).

Springhouse features an eco-village and this is where we will hold our Annual Meeting.


718 Franklin Pike Floyd, VA  24091.

Google Maps Link

Please Register to let us know you are coming, and so we have enough food.

The Registration process takes approx 1 minute – Thanks





Mountain Justice Fall Summit – Kayford Mountain West Va.

Mountaintop Removal on Kayford Mountain

Join us for the Mountain Justice Fall Summit on Kayford Mountain in West Virginia !

October 24-26 2014

We’re very excited about about this year’s Mountain Justice Fall Summit– we’ll celebrate the changing of the leaves at the beautiful Stanley Heirs Park on the edge of destruction.


For this year’s fall summit we’re gathering a diverse group of folks, including local community members, Appalachian organizers, and college students, to create an inter-sectional gathering to discuss the many issues affecting our communities more holistically: Mountaintop Removal, Fracking, Water, Health, Drug Addiction, Jails and Prisons, Colonization, Local Plants, Military Industrial Complex, Direct Action, Community Organizing, Disaster Response and much more.

Since 1986, the destruction of Kayford Mountain has been continuous — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now eighteen years after the mountain top removal project began, Stanley Heirs Park is the highest point of land around and is surrounded by more than 7,500 acres of a forested and towering mountain range. Larry Gibson’s family, the Stanley Heirs, have successfully protected a piece of the land that their family has lived on since the late 1700’s through the creation of the 50-acre Stanley Heirs Park.

At the Park, there’s area for folks to camp and we will have big army tents set up with wood stoves for folks to stay in and for workshop space.   The MJ Fall Summit kitchen will provide all your meals.  Participants should come prepared for the possibility of cold,wet weather and pack for the day or for the weekend accordingly.  The cost for MJ Fall Summit is a sliding scale ($50–$200) with no one turned away for lack of funds.

Register Now!  If you are unable to attend, please consider donating to help cover the cost of the event.

Can’t wait to see you on Kayford!

Join and Share the Facebook event

For more info: check out this page, email [email protected] or call 304-854-2621.

Support the Mountain Justice Legal Defense Fund!


5 activists with Mountain Justice, Ramps Campaign and Rising Tide North America were arrested this morning while delivering a message to billionaire coal baron, Jim Justice: Clean Up Your Act, now! Today they’re being held in the Roanoke Jail, but you can help support these folks, this action, and any more that may come in the ongoing effort to hold coal barons accountable for the destruction of Appalachia, by donating now to the Mountain Justice legal defense fund.

Mountain Justice has worked for 10 years to support a diversity of tactics in the effort to stop the destruction of Appalachian communities, from petition drives to non-violent direct action. The MJ Legal Defense fund has, and will continue to offer support to anyone who’s freedom is put on the line in defense of mountains. This Fund is wholly supported by individual donations from people that know that every action can move the needle a little bit, and keeps us on the path to an end of mountaintop removal. 

Banner Suspended Above Downtown Roanoke, Calls On Billionaire To Clean Up His Act

     20140904_092658More Pictures below, and HD available upon request. Contact: Kim Ellis, (310) 560-2915 or Erin Mckelvy, (540) 808-6221




10:15 AM – Five activists arrested and taken away in association with the banner hang this morning. Waiting to hear their charges. Two fire trucks responded to the scene and have removed the banner.


Banner Suspended Above Downtown Roanoke, Calls On Billionaire To Clean Up His Act

National groups call on Jim Justice to pay for his plunder

Roanoke, VA – Early this morning members of Mountain Justice, Rising Tide North America and Radical Action for Mountain and People’s Survival (RAMPS) hung a banner, suspended between two downtown buildings on Jefferson street in Roanoke. The groups are acting in support of community demands in Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee that billionaire coal baron Jim Justice stop poisoning water, exposing communities to devastating mountaintop removal coal mining operations and leaving central Appalachia a public health disaster. The banner reads; “Jim Justice Profits, Appalachia Pays.” and “Jim Justice, Toxic Spill Billionaire”.

The activists hanging the banner are with Mountain Justice, a regional group committed to an end of Mountaintop Removal and a just economic transition for Appalachia. They are joined by RAMPS, based in West Virginia, and Rising Tide North America, an international network of grassroots groups focused on stopping climate change.

Erin Mckelvy, of Lee County Virginia and a member of Mountain Justice spoke to reporters on the scene, “ There’s a lot of people out of work across the coalfields today, in part because of the bad business planning done by people like Jim Justice. Justice has the means to properly clean up these sites, and we think Justice’s part in destroying Appalachia’s mountains needs to end yesterday. How much more does one person need? Appalachia needs a new path forward, and Jim Justice should join us, or get out of the way.”

D. Steele, with RAMPS in West Virginia said: “I’m taking this action today to keep the bright light shining on Jim Justice and the ways that his coal mining operations hurt communities. From damaged house foundations to poisoned streams, violated permits to unpaid workers, billionaire coal operator Jim Justice is making millions from the exploitation of Appalachia’s people, forests, and mountains. He needs to clean up his act now, and commit to giving back to the communities that have given him so much.”

Today’s action comes after weeks of bad news for the Justice Group and Roanoke-based Southern Coal. From $9.9 million in new bonding fees, and fines of over a million dollars in Kentucky, to cessation orders in Tennessee and bond forfeitures in Virginia, Justice’s corner-cutting practices across the region show that community concerns are grounded in reality. Mountain Justice and allies call on people to support the groups most impacted by Jim Justice, like the Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards in Virginia, in their push to hold the billionaire responsible for the damage he’s caused.

Today’s action is part of a long tradition of non-violent civil disobedience addressing social justice and environmental issues. Like in the civil rights era and movements to stop the destruction of forests, oceans and the climate, regulatory and political solutions to stopping mountaintop removal have proven ineffective and people working to stop the destruction of Appalachia’s Mountains have taken the next logical step in confronting coal barons like Jim Justice.


Mountain Justice is a regional Appalachian network committed to ending mountaintop removal.


Radical Action Mountain People’s Survival (RAMPS) is a direct action group working to stop mountaintop removal in southern West Virginia


Rising Tide North America is an all-volunteer climate justice network working to confront the root causes of climate change.

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