1-6-2009: Help Needed! – People around TVA disaster are falling ill

We (UMD) found out from the expert that we had come speak to last weekends community
meeting that there is a window. After around 27 days the arsenic leaves urine.
A lab said they could do this an other heavy metal testing. At first the cost
was 700 per person–but they brought it down to 500 to help.

We had 50 people sign up for testing.

One of our volunteers (Bonnie) just called me in tears. She said “look,
I am calling and people are sick, some are so sick that their families are
there and answering the phone for them. The ones that know us are telling us
the truth–they just lost their land value, there health and some of them everything
and there is no way they can come up with that kind of cash.

We have sick families who cannot pay for the medical testing they need. People
who drank out of wells and springs for DAYS while TVA told them to just boil
their water.

If anyone happens to have 500 bucks we can get at least some of the sickest
tested. We don’t want to touch a dime you can pay the clinic doing the testing
directly. They are taking blood, urine, nail clippings, fecal, hair follicle
for heavy metal and arsenic screening.

Here is what Bonnie wrote.


I need your help to get funding for the people of
Harriman to have the toxicity testing done this
Thursday, January 8th. I have spent the day calling
people who signed up to get info about the heavy metal
testing and it is breaking my heart to have to tell
them that they will be required to pay $500 up front
and then try to get reimbursed from their insurance
companies. These people are telling me they feel sick,
they are worried about their children, and some are
not available because they are laying down and not
feeling well. I had several people tell me they can’t
get the letter I emailed about the testing because
they are homeless right now because of the TVA

The people that don’t know me are saying thank you for
the information and hanging up and the people that I
have established a relationship with are saying “are
you crazy I don’t have an extra $500 laying around and
my lab testing deductable is $700 so I will never get
reimbursed for this test.”

Please look for funding so I can tell these people
something other that we are providing an opportunity
to them that will just be one more big financial

Please help, Bonnie.

I am sending this out to every listserve, myspace, facebook–everywhere I

If you can help call Bonnie at 865 454-3215

Bonnie Swinford [email protected]

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