12/30/08: UMD Update from TN

Dear folks,

United Mountain Defense volunteers collected samples of well water and spring water from Swan Pond Rd.  These samples were sent off to an independent laboratory in the Southeast.  Because of the holiday season we are not sure how quickly we will get the results back.

United Mountain Defense volunteers continue to speak with the coal impacted residents on a daily basis to find out which of our approaches are working and which ones are ineffective.  Many citizens have become mobilized to speak out and some are beginning to organize and coordinate their efforts.

United Mountain Defense volunteers made the biggest stack of copies to date spending more than $300 on copies of public outreach and safety materials.  We have been soliciting donations of water and safety equipment.

United Mountain Defense volunteers called Governor Bredesen repeatedly to remind him that we haven’t seen hide nor hair of him for over 9 days since the coal ash disaster occurred.

If you are a resident impacted by the coal ash disaster?  Please call 865 689 2778

Thank you, Matt Landon full time volunteer staff person United Mountain Defense

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