4 who blocked Alpha/Massey HQ sentenced to jail

Four RAMPS and Mountain Justice folks took a plea deal today from the May 24 blockade of Alpha Natural Resources/Massey’s headquarters near Bristol, Tenn.  A video from the action is here.

Emily Gillespie, Junior Walk, Jocelyn Sawyer and Andy pleaded to blocking a roadway in exchange for the prosecutor dropping obstruction of justice.  Each was sentenced to five days in jail plus a $100 fine and $116 in court costs.  Additionally, the entire group was ordered to pay $3,328.77 in restitution to the city of Bristol.

Plea deal, dropped one charge and pleaded to obstruction of a public road or something like that.  Obstruction of justice was dropped.  Plea agreement was 5 days in jail (10 days, but way this jail is you only do half-sentence if on good behavior).  Restitution to Bristol is $3,328.77, from the group as a whole.  Each of them have $100 fine plus $116 court costs.

More information will be out soon so check back over the next day or so.

This action happened earlier in the same day as a Hands Off Appalachia action that targeted UBS Wealth Management, a large financier of strip mining.

This Mountain Justice post summarized the events of the day.

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