A shameless plea for cash for Mountain Justice Summer

Donate Money

This is an appeal for money.

Mountain Justice Summer needs gas cards, copy cards and cash so we can do even
more against Mountain Top Removal. Everyone hates to
ask for money—its one of the hardest things for
organizers to do. Perhaps because sometimes it feels
like begging. Big non profits bury their fundraising
pleas among long list as if they are ashamed of them.
You know what I mean. You get the letter in the box
and you know that if you read it long enough they are
going to ask for money.

Asking for cash to support causes should be hard.
Perhaps because it screens out the less serious. To be
an effective fundraiser you must really believe in
what you are asking for—otherwise it just feels like
begging for your salary, especially if your paid to
raise money. To ask for money for a cause you must
really believe you cause is worth asking for.

Mountain Justice Summer is worth asking for. MJS this
summer has done the ground work for a mass movement.
MJS volunteers have gone door to door in coal
communities and hollows to hear what the people who
live next to the mines had to say, and they told us
a lot. People in Marsh Fork, West Virginia told us of
their fears for their children and their communities.
People in Appalachia Virginia expressed outrage at the
death of a 3 year child who had been crushed in his
sleep by a boulder from an MTR site in the middle of
the night. In Eastern Kentucky we were told of coal
trucks driving people off of roads, and listened to a
woman who told us of the time her daughter was crushed
by a another overweight coal truck.

And now we are in Tennessee. In the first week of
Tennessee MJS volunteers spent 3 days in Braden
Tennessee listening to the residents who live under a
mountain range removal project. Days later MJS marched
on Zeb Mountain to protest the destruction of 3 peaks.
Over 50 MJS volunteers marched in solidarity to the
gates of the National Coal Corporations three peak
destroying mine and for two hours shut the main gate
down with music, speeches, more music and our demands
we presented to the mine—ceasing all strip mining
immediately, jobs doing full restoration (not
“reclamation”), and reparations to be paid to all the
people of Appalachia who have been adversely effected
by their strip mine operations. And the work in
Tennessee is just starting.

Mountain Justice Summer is working. MJS has surpassed
everyone’s expectations. In West Virginia MJS was
instrumental in winning a clear victory against Massey
Coal. The West Virginia media’s positive coverage to
the defense of the mountains was against Massey. Even
the governor of West Virginia is making noises against
Massey at the end of over a month of nearly non stop
demonstrations and actions. Hard work paid off, hard
work and shoe leather. In Richmond, Virginia we
organized one of the most colorful creative marches
and protest that Richmond has ever seen.

Gas cards and copy cards and cash. We promise to stop
hassling you for Mountain Justice Summer at the end of
the summer. We are throwing every grassroots tactic in
the book at the coal industry and ITS WORKING. There
are stumble and imperfections no doubt—but
fundamentally MJS is achieving every tactical goal we
announced at the start of our campaign. Mountain
Justice Summer has systematically done listening
projects in the coal fields in four different states.
Mountain Justice volunteers have been marching non
stop for our mountains. Over 20 MJS volunteers have
been arresting in non-violent acts of civil conscious
to save our mountains.

Justice Summer in the news

This is for those who care about Mountains. We are not
paying a dime for staff people. 100% of your
donation goes to 100% action with MJS. Mountain
Justice Summer has become a community, a very
effective community. August 27th is the end of
Mountain Justice Summer. MJS has an ambitious schedule
for Tennessee for the month of August. With no money
at all MJS volunteers are committed. This month is
going to happen regardless of the resources at MJS
disposal. But we can do magic with cash right now. MJS
has fielded a major counter offensive against Mountain
Range Removal with less money that anyone believed
possible. We just want to fight for our watersheds and

Justice Summer Actions

Send cash, gas and copy cards to:

Mountain Justice Summer
POB 16309
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996

Donate cash online with a credit card through PayPal:

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