August 31: Day of Action on Bank of America

Is there a Bank of America in your hometown?

Join us on August 31st for a Day of Action against Bank of America.

From one person standing in the lobby handing out fliers to 80 people shutting down a bank office, every action is encouraged. 17 cities have signed up so far to let Bank of America know they don’t approve of Bank of America’s irresponsible lending practices.

Between 2005 and 2007, Bank of America facilitated nearly $1 billion in loans to Massey Energy and Arch Coal, two of the largest companies responsible for the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal mining. This form of mining literally blasts the tops off of mountains to get at thin seems of coal that lay beneath. Mountaintop removal coal mining has permanently destroyed over 500 square miles of mountains and buried over 1,200 miles of streams in West Virginia alone.

Bank of America has also lent or facilitated in the lending of billions of dollars to Peabody Coal, which is responsible a great deal of past surface mining in Appalachia and is currently surface mining on native people’s land in the western US.

Bank of America has lent hundreds of millions of dollars to companies that run and are planning to build new power plants, such as Florida Power and Light, further contributing to Global Climate Disaster.

Bank of America will hear from us in these cities

More Information

Rainforest Action Network’s Dirty Money Campaign
Bank of America’s Financial Associations (pdf)
Handout on Bank of America’s investments (full sheet)
(half sheet)
Higher Temperatures/Lower Standards half-sheet flyer (courtesy of RAN) (PDF)
Stop Banking on Coal flyer version 1 (PDF)
Stop Banking on Coal flyer version 2 (PDF)

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