Call Gov. Joe Manchin today 304 558 2000

Our friends in the West Virginia coalfields are in danger, and they need your help.

Please call Gov. Joe Manchin today 304 558 2000 and tell him to stop the violence against environmentalists in the coalfields. You don’t have to live in West Virginia to call – mountaintop removal is a national issue!

During the June 23 rally at Marsh Fork Elementary, Judy Bonds was assaulted in an unprovoked attack by a miner’s wife (photo above) and miners blasted an air horn into the ear of a musician. Death threats were hurled at actress Daryl Hannah, who spoke against mountaintop removal. And there have been an increasing number of threats made against our friends, the people who are on the front lines of the effort to save mountains in West Virginia. Miners are driving past the Coal River campaign house late at night honking, screaming obscenities and threats.

Judy Bonds of Coal River recently told me the story of an out-of-state visitor coming back for a family reunion who stopped to look at the Marsh Fork School, which is next to a Massey Energy coal preparation plant. As he got out of the car to look at the school, a black pickup roared into the parking lot, spinning and throwing gravel. An angry man got out of the pickup carrying a shotgun saying “You out-of-state people need to get the (expletive) out of here!”

A July 4 family picnic atop Larry Gibson’s Kayford Mountain was disrupted by angry drunken miners, one of whom threatened to slit the throats of picnickers – see the shocking 4 minute video here.

Internet message boards are filled with vile hate speech and threats against environmentalists and “hippies.” And check out some of the comments on this You Tube video of the Massey dragline action – here’s one:

SUPERHIPPIESLAYER wrote: “WAR ON HIPPIES HAS BEGUN……And remember Shoot a hippie a day and the stinking bastards will go away”

It seems that tensions are growing, and I fear that more violence may be inevitable. As you can see in the July 4 picnic video, our side has remained calm and passive and we have ignored the threats. And we will continue to remain peaceful and non-violent, but we need help from the authorities to protect the safety of people in the coalfields.

“Friend of Coal” Gov. Joe Manchin has ignored the situation so far, so we need to bombard his office with phone calls today and tomorrow.

Please call 304 558 2000 and tell Gov. Manchin to stop the violence.

Calls from all over America are needed – tell Gov. Manchin that you are now afraid to visit the Mountain State after watching the videos on You Tube of coal thugs threatening picnickers. Tell him to keep the peace.

Thanks everyone for making the call!

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