Coal Field Resident, Local Activist, Vandalized

Mountain Justice Summer is issuing an urgent request for donations on behalf of Larry Gibson, who has been the victim of destructive vandalism this past week in which the vandals targeted his outdoor lighting and solar energy system. Larry Refuses to sell the 50 acres of Kayford Mountain that have been in his family for over 200 years. He has campaigned against mountaintop removal strip mining (MTR), even as all of the land around him has been systematically destroyed by MTR since 1986. Larry’s home used to be one of the lowest lying ridge points of the area. Today, his land sits hundreds of feet above the 7,538 acre moonscape of the mountain that has already been flattened by MTR.

Right now monetary contributions are desperately needed to keep Larry Gibson safe. At least $1300 is needed for surveillance cameras and motion-activated lighting, as well as solar panels to power this equipment which is necessary to deter and monitor the consistent threat to Larry and his home.

For the eighteen years Larry has been living on Kayford, he has been the target of numerous acts of violence and vandalism. He has been run off the road, one of his dogs was shot, and another dog hanged. Just this past week his only source of power, a small solar energy system, was damaged. He found wires torn out and the motion detector light smashed leaving the outside of his home completely dark. This weekend, shots were fired at his cabin. This was not the first time this has happened.

Today the movement to end MTR is stronger than ever. Different groups fighting this scourge are networking across state lines, and the Mountain Justice Summer campaign has added an influx of energy and awareness into the struggle. The very existence of this movement is due in no small part to Larry Gibson’s passion, leadership, and willingness to open his land up for all to see the destruction caused by mountaintop removal.

Please help Larry by sending money to:
PO Box 86
Naoma, WV 25140

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