Coaltrans Conference, Jan 31-Feb 1

Miami: Urgent Call to Protest Mega Coal Gathering

Jan 31-Feb 1

This is a call to take action & demonstrate against the Jan 31-Feb 1 “Coaltrans Americas” convention happening at the Ritz-Carlton on Key Biscayne, Miami’s “premier luxury oceanfront resort and spa,” located on the southernmost barrier island in the United States & 5 miles driving from downtown Miami … a perfect secluded retreat for 21st century coal barons, or ideal spot for creative protest actions they’ll never expect?



Do you live in or near Miami, or do you know people there? If you were aware that international coal-industry corporations are about to invade Miami, would you help take action & spread the word to protect human rights and the environment?

It’s true: There is a mega conference of coal barons responsible for land theft, “mountain-top removal” strip mining, and overall land destruction happening in Miami on January 31st and February 1st.

Mountain Justice Summer (MJS) is a network I am part of fighting strip mining here in the mountains of southern Appalachia. But have no doubt, strip mining and destruction of people’s lands and watersheds is happening world wide now. Indigenous people are fighting to stop strip mining for coal at Black Mesa arizona, in the 4 Corners area of New Mexico, in the Everglades of Florida, in Venezuela, China, Canada–worldwide. Greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of coal is one one of the main causes of global warming, which we now know is a rapidly worsening phenomenon that will have catastrophic impacts unless we act NOW to create a sustainable culture (and stop “King Coal”)!

This is a meeting in Miami of all the coal companies ripping apart watersheds, polluting the atmosphere, and stealing people’s land all across the Americas (see below).

So — when the international coal executives meet in Miami at the end of this month, will you be silent? Or will you dare to stand up and demonstrate against this destruction? Will you show solidarity with people around the world who are fighting for our lives against coal?

Even if it’s just three people holding signs and handing out leaflets for an hour, we need to have some sign of resistance against strip mining to these coal industry representatives. If bigger protest actions can be organized, that would be tremendous!

If you can be one of those people holding signs and giving out info, or taking direct action–please contact MJS and we will help as best we can from our Appalachian mountains. The seriousness and importance of this cannot be over stated. We need some sort of presence at this conference if just to show solidarity with our comrades in South America. The information collection potential of just having people ATTEND the conference is amazing.

Please have people contact me, Ethan Green with Mountain Justice Summer, by emailing [email protected] or calling 856-535-5053, if they can help.

We have several local contacts in Miami, but need more–and what we really need is one autonomous individual who will go stand alone with a sign and info if that’s what it takes. We can build around that one individual. Please contact us if you know this person or you are this person.

[email protected]

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