CRMW Statement on Sago Mine Tragedy

In light of the recent tragedy at the Sago mines, Coal River Mountain Watch wishes to extend its most heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the fallen miners. This is very unfortunately not a random occurrence, but rather a symptom of one of the greatest injustices put upon the people of America. Mines like Sago with an extremely high number of violations and poorly enforced regulations are not rare. Such sites plague West Virginia and all of Appalachia. The real miracle is that this hasn’t happened more often.

The West Virginia government has long been ignoring the needs and safety of not only the miners who risk their lives every day, but also the communities struggling to survive in the coal industry’s shadow. Gov. Manchin’s pledge to launch a full investigation is also not unique. He has made this empty promise in person to citizens affected by irresponsible mines who are still waiting for the governor’s attention after the story has fallen from the headlines.

We at CRMW dedicate our work to protect miners, families and communities by promoting responsible coal mining practices and renewable energy alternatives. We will continue to advocate for stronger and more adequately enforced regulations while promoting sustainable growth for mountain communities.

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