December 7, 2009: Important Rally to Save Coal River Mountain

Call to Action

In their insatiable quest to maximize profits Massey Energy has initiated
mountaintop removal coal extraction operations on Coal River Mountain.
The blasting has begun
as the rumble of explosives and plumes of smoke coming from the mountain
are being seen and heard.

The blasting of Coal River Mountain sets up a catastrophic scenario: Explosives
are being detonated near the Brushy Fork coal sludge dam, a weakened class “C” dam
that hovers above valley communities like a dark cloud. The Class “C” label
is given to dams that in the event of failure, lives will be lost. At least
900 lives are expected to be buried in coal sludge if Brushy Fork should fail.

Many small communities lie in the very narrow Coal River Valley, tucked in
between Cherry Pond Mountain and Coal River Mountain. Cherry Pond Mountain
is already being bombed and blasted by Massey until it now looks more like
an Afghanistan war zone than the once beautiful and plentiful Appalachian mountain
that it was. Massey’s blasting and bombing of Coal River Mountain will
trap these communities in the middle, leaving them helpless to deal with silica
dust, fly-rock, poisoned water, floods and mudslides. This is wrong!

Coal River Mountain is the last great mountain in the Coal River Valley. Destroying
it not only places lives in danger, but it will also devastate a great opportunity
for real jobs from wind energy and underground mining, long-term tax revenues,
and clean energy.

There is no excuse for mountaintop removal. It is the perfect example of corporate
greed placing profit before humanity.

We have lobbied. We have written letters to Congress, the Federal EPA, The
Federal Office of Surface Mining, The Department of Interior, our state representatives
and state agencies, all to no avail. Abandoned by our government we are left
for sacrifice, trapped in this very narrow valley between two life-threatening
mountaintop removal operations. We have now reached a true state of emergency
in the Coal River Valley.

Government agencies are created with the purpose of protecting the people’s
interest. When a government agency becomes one that facilitates corporate interest,
the people are not well served. Such has happened with the West Virginia Department
of Environmental Protection. This agency’s inaction has made it very
clear that it has no intention of performing its mandated duties, operating
instead as a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate coal.

It is now time for citizens to intervene. On December 7, 2009 Coal River Valley
residents and friends from across America will converge on the WV Department
of Environmental Protection to demand that they suspend and revoke Massey’s
permits to blast and destroy Coal River Mountain.

This is the line in the sand. This is a call to action. We call upon all good
people to come join us on Dec. 7th. We call upon all who stand for human rights
and people’s rights over that of corporate greed to come join us on Dec.
7th. We call upon those that are tired and fed up with government agencies
that place corporate interest above that of The People, come join us on December
the 7th.


WHERE: West Virginian Department of Environmental Protection,
601 57th Street SE, Charleston, WV
WHEN: December 7th. 2:00PM

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to
perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really
cooperating with it.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

From I-77 North or South / I-64 East or West: Exit Maccorkle Ave. West, (Exit
Left on 57th. St ( Appx. 1/3rd mile from exit) Building is on right as soon
as you turn onto 57th st.

CONTACT: savecoalriver [at]

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