Dominion waste coal power plant hearing, Oct. 17

On October 17th at 10 am, the VA State Corporation Commission (SCC) will hold a permit hearing for Dominion Virginia Power at the SCC’s courtroom in Richmond, VA (address below). Dominion has plans to build a 500-600 megawatt power plant in the mountains of Virginia City, VA, which would burn waste coal, biomass, and regular coal. This particular permit would grant Dominion with a 12% return on building costs- that means using Virginia taxpayer money to build a dirty, mtr-dependent power plant. Below, you will find the SCC’s Press Release regarding the permit.

If you live in or near Richmond, please come out to this meeting and make a comment! Pre-hearing comments can be filed with the SCC ([email protected] or 804-371-9141) regarding this permit (permit #: PUE-2006-00075). If you live in Wise County, we are trying to find a van & housing so people living near the proposed site & near mining sites can make it out there. Contact [email protected] for information about this. The hearing is at the Tyler Building, 1300 E. Main St., Richmond, Virginia 23219.

Please forward this message to anyone who would be interested in attending. If you cannot attend the meeting, you can listen to the online broadcast at on October 17th at 10 am.

Here is the SCC Press Release from September 20th:

SCC Contact information: Ken Schrad, (804) 371-9141; [email protected]


RICHMOND, VA — The State Corporation Commission (SCC) will allow comment from case participants on a procedural ruling by an SCC hearing examiner that Dominion Virginia Power (“Dominion”) must file an application to build a coal-fired power plant in Southwest Virginia before the SCC can rule on issues related to that application.

The SCC also is convening a public hearing on October 17, 2006 – which had been previously scheduled and noticed to the public – for the sole purpose of receiving any oral testimony from public witnesses. The hearing is set for 10 a.m. in the SCC’s courtroom. Audio of the hearing will be webcast via the SCC website.

Chief Hearing Examiner Deborah V. Ellenberg made a procedural ruling on September 15, 2006, that Dominion must file an application to build a coal-fired power plant in Southwest Virginia before the SCC legally can consider issues related to the application. The ruling by the hearing examiner does not prevent Dominion from filing an application to build the power plant in Southwest Virginia.

Dominion’s current petition does not request approval to build the power plant. Dominion did file a request for a preliminary determination of certain financial issues related to a possible new power plant in Southwest Virginia, but had not filed an application to build the plant, which is standard practice for the construction of new power plants.

The Virginia Committee for Fair Utility Rates, a group representing large industrial consumers, moved to dismiss Dominion’s request for preliminary determination of certain financial issues. The hearing examiner ruled that such motion should be granted.

The SCC’s order also extends to October 3, 2006, the date by which persons wishing to participate as parties in this case must file a notice of participation. Parties to the case may file comments on the hearing examiner’s procedural ruling on or before October 11, 2006.

Case number: PUE-2006-00075

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