Elderly couple’s home destroyed by MTR boulder – Your help needed to pressure company for fair settlement!

About a year ago an elderly Floyd County couple, both deaf and living on a fixed income, were approached by a coal company offering money to strip
mine their mountainside.

They refused, but on Friday, Aug 28th a massive boulder crashed from the Frasure Creek Mining strip job on Caney Fork and into the bedroom of Billy
and Eileen Tussy. Thankfully, they weren’t home at the time.

The federal Office of Surface Mining responded and determined the boulder was caused by blasting at the Frasure Creek job. The operation was stopped
pending an investigation and “mediation”. The Tussys and three other families were evacuated to motels.

On Friday, the family met with Floyd County Kentuckians for the Commonwealth members, Appalachian Citizens Law Center attorney Mary Cromer and
representatives of Austin Powder Company, the subcontractor for Frasure Creek Mining, who set the blast.

The Tussys do not want to return to their property for fear of more boulders. They hope to put a new mobile home near relatives elsewhere.
The company representatives made no offer but will meet with the family again Wednesday. When asked if the company plans to apologize to the
family, Austin Powder Company Corporate Risk Manager, Constantine Toscidis responded “we don’t really go there”.

All the Tussys want is a safe and modest home near family and friends, which is exactly what they had before Frasure Creek Mining became their
neighbor. KFTC is starting a campaign to pressure Austin Powder to deal fairly with the Tussy family (check the KFTC.org blog for updates and photos).

Here’s how you can help, but remember we only have Tuesday to pressure the company for a fair settlement:

  • Call Austin Powder Company’s Chairman of the Board, William Davis (216) 464-2400 and urge that he replaces the Tussy family’s home and offers an apology.
  • Or send a quick note via fax to William Davis at (216) 464-4418
  • Or go to http://www.austinpowder.com/contact/index.html and email Mr Davis

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