Help Larry Gibson surprise his bride-to-be…

Make this years Mountain Keepers festival the most
memorable yet, even if you can’t make it.

Help Larry Gibson surprise his bride
to be with the best wedding gift ever – a composting flush toilet!

Donate now to make this dream his reality

(or send checks to Mountain Justice Summer (“Larry Gibson” in the memo section) at P.O. Box 86 Naoma, WV 25140)

The man: For those of you who have not met this courageous and bold warrior…

Larry Gibson’s family has lived on or near Kayford Mountain since the late
1700’s. More than 300 relatives are buried in the cemetery on Kayford Mountain.
Larry and his family used to live on the lowest lying part of the mountain,
and looked “up” to the mountain peaks that surrounded them. Since
1986, the slow motion destruction of Kayford Mountain has been continuous —
24 hours a day, seven days a week. Eighteen years after the “mountain
top removal” project began, Larry Gibson now occupies the highest point
of land around; he is enveloped by a 12,000 acre pancake in what was previously
a mountain range.

The event: Annual
Mountain Keepers Festival ~ Larry and Carol’s Wedding Celebration!

This year on July 5th and 6th Larry Gibson and family will host their annual
Mountain Keepers Festival atop Kayford mountain. Though an annual event,
this year will be particularly special as we celebrate the impending nuptials
of Larry and his bride to be Carol Kirkpatrick (which will happen in a small
ceremony sometime in early August).

The project: Operation “Secret

Larry would love to surprise Carol with a composting flush toilet in a new
addition off of his cabin as a wedding gift and together we can help him
make this happen. With $3000 and help from our volunteer construction crew
we can make this dream his reality.

Please consider making a contribution to this project as a wedding gift to
Larry and Carol today. Donate, forward this to friends or hold an impromptu
fund-raiser – every dollar counts! As a donor or volunteer your name will be
included in the wedding card presented to Larry and Carol at the festival July
5th and 6th.

Thanks for your consideration and hope to see you all at Kayford Mountain
July 5th and 6th!

*** Remember that this is a SURPRISE for Carol so if you have the pleasure
of knowing her please keep this under your hat!

YouTube short of Larry Gibson on Kayford:

To volunteer contact Bob “Sage” Russo of Christians for
the Mountains at: oldtimemountain [at]

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