July 26, 2009, 12 PM: Justice in July

You are invited to join concerned citizens in expressing their commitment to a clean, safe
environment and community in a celebration for clean air and rally to speak out about the death
cycle of coal. This is a call for you to take a Sunday out of your life to show your dedication
to protecting the air, watersheds, mountains and communities of Appalachia. Stand with Mountain Justice,
United Mountain Defense, and Three Rivers Earth First! as we unite with one strong voice revealing TVA’s
deep involvement in the death cycle of coal.

When: Sunday, July 26 12:00 – 2:30

Where: In front of the TVA towers at Market Square in downtown Knoxville, TN.

What: The Mobilization for Clean Air is a family friendly gathering that will bring light to how the death cycle of coal impacts our lives and the places we live. The event will feature speakers that tell how their lives have been impacted by different stages of the death cycle of coal as well as performers of poetry, theater, music, spoken word and more. A lively march downtown will take place before re-gathering in front of TVA where citizen who feel compelled will have the opportunity to engage in the American tradition of civil-disobedience. If you would like to follow the examples of Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Thoreau by participating in this part of the event then you must come to the non-violence training the day before.

Non Violent Direct Action Training :

When: July 25 at 5:00 p.m.

Where: The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Earth Science Building, Room 400

Why: TVA is deeply involved in all stages of the death cycle of coal.

TVA is both a public and private corporation. As a federal organization they were created to serve
the public (with a board of directors appointed by the US president), but have since morphed into a
private, profit-seeking corporation. For decades, TVA has perpetuated environmental degradation with
coal burning power plants, displaced communities for its hydroelectric dams, and created numerous health
risks from nuclear power plants. TVA is the #1 purchaser of mountain top removal coal in North America
and their service areas in TN, KY, VA, GA, MS, NC, and AL have some of the worst air quality in the country!
East Tennessee, specifically, has one of the highest rates of asthma in the country. TVA is also
responsible for the largest coal waste disaster in our nation’s history. Following continual neglect
to one of TVA’s oldest coal burning power plants, a dike broke and released over 1 billion gallons of
coal ash into the adjacent watershed and community. This disaster has displaced many families, created
a public health crisis, and has left a beautiful environment and community in ruins.

Join us to expose TVA’s dirty involvement in the death cycle of coal and let it be
known that we want a future that includes clean air, preserved ecosystems, intact
mountains, whole communities, and healthy children.


  1. Bring an instrument – and learn how to play “Rocky Top”
  2. Dress up! Yep—we want you to come in your
    Sunday best. During the civil rights movement people
    wore suits and ties all the time – so can we.
  3. Respect. Show respect for all the people you encounter during the event. There
    will be animal rights activist and hunters, Christians
    and Atheist, Peace Activist and Military Veterans at
    this event. Show respect for Appalachia by showing
    respect for the diversity of people that come to
    defend it.
  4. Bring signs showing support for Tennessee’s air, watersheds, and heritage. We need art, banners,
    musicians and you. Especially you.
  5. Help by playing a support role for the event. We
    are looking for mature, intelligent individuals to
    sever as a support team. We need people to serve in
    the following roles photographers, videographers, street theater, artists and musicians, and care
    team. Please contact us at tanyabturner [at] gmail.com or 865 689-8976 if you want to volunteer.

Commitment to Nonviolence

The organizations sponsoring this event are committed
to nonviolence. Please come with the
understanding that this event has a specific focus
with specific goals. By participating
you are agreeing to remain peaceful.


Please contact United Mountain Defense if you need housing for the weekend: umdvolunteerhouse [at] yahoo.com

umdvolunteerhouse [at] yahoo.com – question, housing, volunteer opportunities, rsvp

Justice In July Action Website
Phone: (865) 689-2778

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