June 9, 2009: Ansted Citizens and Gauley Mountain Need YOU!

Attorneys for citizens in Ansted, WV and the Sierra Club have appealed a permit renewal granted by the WV DEP to Powellton Coal Company for mining on Gauley Mountain in Fayette Co. WV. Gauley Mountain is in the heart of the rafting and outdoor recreation industry of WV and is also depicted on the back of the WV state quarter. The WV Surface Mine Board will hear this appeal on June 9th (and maybe the 10th as well)

We would like to have as many people in attendance as possible. Please come and show your support!

The local group of concerned citizens is fairly small, and at the last hearing the room was overrun by the Friends of Coal, so your presence would be a big help.

Tuesday June 9th 8:30 a.m.
DEP headquarters, 601 57th St.
Charleston (Kanawha City)

Feel free to Christians for the Mountains house at (304)658-4334. We can also house people who would like to attend the hearing.

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