Kentucky MJ Hike July 2009 PinnaclesKentucky Mountain Justice

Kentucky Mountain Justice was formed at the 2009 Mountain Justice Summer camp.  In the summer of 2014, Kentucky will be hosting the 10th Annual Mountain Justice Summer camp at Wileys Last Resort near Whitesburg, Kentucky – June 14-22, 2014.

Wileys is our home base in eastern Kentucky but we also have members in Berea, Lexington, Frankfort and Louisville.  We meet occasionally and help organize many of the larger events for Mountain Justice.

Kentucky Mountain Justice’s main event is the Whippoorwill Festival near Berea.  This four-day outdoor festival teaches over 75 earth-friendly and sustainable living skills such as Raising Backyard Chickens, Finding Edible and Medicinal Plants in the Forest, Fermentation, plus many more primitive and traditional Appalachian skills.  Evenings feature live music, contra dancing, bonfires, etc.  For more information about Whippoorwill go to the Whippoorwill website. 

We invite you to join us!  Kentucky Mountain Justice has a Riseup mailing list and you can join by going here.

For questions or comments about Kentucky Mountain Justice, email Dave Cooper at davecooper928 [at] or call (941) 323 0565