MJS and Black Mesa

Peabody Coal operates a strip mine operation on traditional Hopi and Navajo land that has jeopardized a delicate desert environment, and has forced traditional people off the land they have lived on for centuries . MJS stands in solidarity with the struggles on Black Mesa, both against Peabody Coal and the imperialistic destruction of traditional indigenous life- ways at the hands of corporations and state and federal powers.

MJS hopes that the solidarity letter will act as a catalyst in uniting diverse movements of resistance against strip mining. To “divide and conquer” has long been a strategy of corporate greed. Bridging gaps such as distance, geography, and culture can have revolutionary organizational potential. Our resistance against strip mining would be much more powerful if people could readily connect the struggles on Black Mesa and Appalachia with each other and mutually cooperate in a dual resistance.

For more information about the resistance against Peabody Coal on Black Mesa, Arizona, check out these websites:

Black Mesa Indigenous Support: http://www.blackmesais.org

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