Mountain Justice Spring Break

Students on Kayford Mountain

Charleston, WV

March 10th-18th

Hello Friends of the Appalachian Mountains,

Mountain Justice Spring Break (MJSB) March 10-18, in Charleston, WV is about a month away and things are rolling along! We are very excited that this event is going to be monumental in continuing to build the student environmental justice network in WV and around Appalachia. MJSB promotes educating folks about the socio-economic and environmental abuses of the coal industry, resistance through community organizing, and working in solidarity with grassroots struggles for justice.

Quick Recap of What the Week is going to Entail:

  • Workshops on the devastating issues caused by Mountaintop Removal (MTR) coal mining, and skills building for growing an accountable movement against MTR.
  • Community Service projects around Charleston to help support some of the awesome initiatives going on in the capitol that support equality in the area.
  • Documentary Film Fest hosted by Appalshop, including films about the beauty of Appalachian culture and the industry forces that continue to threaten it.
  • Mountain Justice Music Festival filling the air and your soul with songs of labor struggle, opposition to MTR, and the strength of Appalachia’s people.
  • Coordinated Direct Actions (accompanied with trainings) to express dissent and stress the necessity to stop MTR right now.

What you can do to Help Out:

  • Help us raise money! Consider donating if you have the spare change, reaching out to organizations in your community who may be able to help, or hosting a fundraising event for MJSB.
  • Help us do outreach to get more and more folks out to MJSB. Download and distribute our outreach letter, brochure, and posters to organizations or individuals that may be interested in coming to and/or promoting MJSB.

Register, and get any friends or fellow comrades who are coming to register so we can send out the necessary information you’ll need in the upcoming weeks, and we’ll have an idea of just how many people we need to lay the groundwork for.

Thank you for your time, support and solidarity,
We’ll be sending you brief weekly updates over the next few weeks so you can be prepared for MJSB!

MJSB Planning Collective

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