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by Rebecca Bowe
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Have you always wanted to dip into Asheville\’s activist dating pool, but felt too shy? Your big chance could be coming up soon. A handful of local activists from grassroots coalition Mountain Justice Summer is reviving an old-fashioned American tradition: the pie auction. They\’ll bake pies, and whoever bids highest on a pie wins the honor of eating it on a date with the cook.

A pie auction is \”how Loretta Lynn met her husband,\” according to Coleen Cronin, one of the organizers. The event, which will also feature a dinner of some decidedly nontraditional Ethiopian fare, will take place at Rosetta\’s Kitchen in Asheville on Sunday, Dec. 10 from 6 to 10 p.m. It will be a fund-raiser for Mountain Links, a community-resource center started up in Appalachia, Va., this past summer by three Warren Wilson College students who were looking for a way to help a community that\’s adversely affected by mountaintop-removal coal mining. The center provides \”meeting space, movie screenings, potlucks, a library, Internet access and anything else that can benefit the youth and community in Appalachia,\” says Cronin. The center also provides tutoring services and has plans to offer classes, workshops and a free bike shop.

A donation of $5 to $10 is requested for dinner, and the pie auction will take place after the meal, at 8 p.m. What\’s the going rate for a homemade pie (read: date with a person who fights for justice), you may ask? Think of it this way – you\’re more likely to impress them by donating a lot to the cause.

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