National Governors Association Convention August 4-6

National Governors Association Convention Call to Action

This weekend, while United States governors are milling around in luxuriant
hotels and admiring old slave plantations, residents in the coalfield
regions of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, are
experiencing firsthand the dire effects of mountaintop removal coal mining.
Because of the indifference and complicity of the governors of these states,
over 500 square miles of forested mountains have been leveled in southern
Appalachia, lost forever to the greed of politicians and businessmen. So
while America’s state leaders are patting each other on the back and rubbing
shoulders with obscenely wealthy corporate executives, let’s get out there
and let them know that we’re not going to sit idly by while they reduce the
natural world to coal dust and capital returns.

Come to Charleston, South Carolina, August 4th-6th! Join coalfield citizens
and community activists as we confront the injustices perpetrated by a
government driven by profit. With creative irreverence and insightful
confrontation we will hold our supposed representatives accountable -to
their peers and to the public- for their insatiable appetite for industrial
expansion, and the havoc it wrecks on the land and people of Appalachia!

For more information & details of the weekend’s actions:

Email: [email protected]
Call: 843-723-5203

& get on down to Charleston!

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