October 12-14th: Convergence of the Virginia Climate Action Network

Come to Wise County, Va on October 12-14th for a Convergence of the Virginia Climate Action Network (VaCAN).

Join the Fight for a Sustainable Virginia, a Clean Energy Future

A weekend in the beautiful Virginian Appalachian Mountains. Good food, Good people, Hiking and Fun

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Any questions can be directed to [email protected]

Click here, here, here or here for information about the struggle against destructive energy practices in SW Virginia

VaCAN is a statewide network of citizens, spearheaded by students but open to anyone interested in moving Virginia into a sustainable, clean energy future, where every Virginia citizen’s right to clean air, clean water, and clean land is guranteed equally; where our use of energy does not mean the destruction of either the global climate or of the quality of life for those living whereenergy is produced.

Today, the mountains of Southern Appalachia, including Southwest Virginia, are blown away every day in order to get at the coal buried within them, leaving lifeless moonscapes behind. When this coal is burned in coal plants, water and air are poisoned, severly effecting the Virginian citizens living near the plant, as well as anyone downwind or downstream of these plants.

VaCAN was formed in order to help the struggles against these plants, to give every Virginian citizen the opportunity to speak up against this ecological insanity. Currently, VaCAN is working to stop a proposed coal fired power plant in Wise County, in Southwest Virginia. The weekend long convergence on October 12-14th is an opportunity to meet other Virginian’s, from near and far, who hope to stop this plant, and to plan the best ways to do this. Will you join us?

Schedule for the Weekend:
The weekend will begin Friday with a dinner at a local campaign house, our head quarters for the weekend. This will allow us to meet one another, andlay out the goals and plans for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday will be spent meeting local organizers and citizens fighting for the health of their local environment and communities, including from the local group Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards ( SAMS ). We will also tour some local sites, including a local mountain top removal strip mine and, if time allows, a quick trip to the proposed site of Dominion’s coal-fired power plant. Early Saturday or Sunday morning we hope to for a hike on a local trail to get a feel for how special the ecology is in this area.

Food will be provided, cooked communally by participants, and a 5-10 dollar donation is recommended to cover food expenses.

Time will be spent on both Saturday and Sunday planning the next moves of VaCAN, including the planning of several coordinated days of action in the coming months, and perhaps the creation of a travelling petition, reaching ultimately to a mile long representation of Virginia’s disgust with fossil fuels.

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