Pennies of Promise Call to Action

Ed Wiley Walk from Charleston, WV to Washington DC:
Set up a presentaion for Ed in your town.

Help us tell Governor Manchin: NO TALK, NO ACTION, NOT ACCEPTABLE!
Help the Children of Marsh Fork Elementary School – Support the Pennies of Promise Campaign

The children of Marsh Fork Elementary School in Sundial, West
Virginia are in danger. A massive coal processing plant and silo
stand a stone\’s throw away from their playground. Nearly 3 billion
gallons of toxic sludge sit behind a leaking impoundment dam 400
yards from the school. The kids face constant health threats from the
dust and other chemicals put into the air by the processing plant,
and those with the authority to fix the situation, agencies like the
state and local school boards, the DEP, and the EPA, have remained
silent on the matter. Even the governor of West Virginia, Joe
Manchin, who has said that his main concern is with the children, has
fallen down on his promises.

Recently the Marsh Fork issue has gained national attention, with
articles in Vanity Fair and a feature on ABC World News Tonight, and
no longer can the plight of these children be kept in the dark.
Members of the Marsh Fork community and concerned citizens across the
nation feel that now is the time to take the health and safety of
these kids into our own hands. Many have come together to raise
awareness and funds for a new school, and with your help, we know
that the kids of Marsh Fork can be moved out of harm\’s way.

On August 2nd Ed Wiley, passionate grandfather of a Marsh Fork
student, will begin a 40 day walk from Charleston, WV to Washington,
DC to raise awareness about the issues at Marsh Fork Elementary
and to fundraise for the Pennies of Promise campaign to build a new
school. Each evening he will be stopping in a different town, with
the hope of giving presentations regarding Marsh Fork Elementary to whoever will listen. Below you
can find a list of the towns Ed plans on stopping in. If your town is
near a stop, but not on the list, Ed can still come to you if you
would like to hear him speak out about Marsh Fork.

How you can help

Pennies of Promise and the kids of Marsh Fork Elementary need your
help in spreading the word about Ed\’s walk and raising money to build
a new school. You can pitch in by setting up presentations in your
town, posting fliers, spreading the word to folks in the
community, walking in solidarity with him when he passes through
your town, or by giving your spare pennies and change. If you think
you can pitch in please contact Bo Webb at
[email protected].

If you would like to know more about Marsh Fork Elementary, sludge
dams, processing plants or Ed Wiley himself you can find much useful
information at the websites below. With your help we can get the
students of Marsh Fork out of danger, and ensure that all children
have a safe and healthy school in their own community.
Watch the first Pathway video
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