Protesters Gather at TDEC to Raise Awareness of Mountain Top Removal Mining

On Thursday, August 10, 2005, people who reside throughout the Appalachian Mountain Region and Tennessee came together to assure that the employees of TDEC (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation) are aware of the environmental laws that their department refuses to enforce. The assemblage convened at Legislative Plaza and marched to the L & C Building where the TDEC offices are located.

Despite these regulations, TDEC is handing out permits to allow for Mountain Removal Mining and other forms of surface mining that pollute Tennessee’s waters. Mountain Removal Mining inevitably destroys headwaters and is detrimental to the health of the wildlife in the area.

By enforcing the TWQCA, TDEC can prevent the further environmental devastation threatening Tennessee’s precious mountains and wildlife, as well as opening the door for sustainable development in the coalfields of Tennessee.

According to Governor Bredesen in a 2005 press release, “Along with education and job creation, environmental preservation is a fundamental issue for the future prosperity of our state, and the Cumberland Plateau is a critical area to target.”

Over 600 leaflets and papers were distributed throughout downtown as well as media coverage from local Channel 2 and Channel 5 news.

In addition to today’s action, members of United Mountain Defense Nashville and Mountain Justice Summer will be conducting other demonstrations against mountain removal coal mining.

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