September 12-14, 2008: Weekend in Wise, Wise County, VA

Come to Southwest Virgina for a Weekend in Wise, a Weekend for
the Mountains.
The people of Southwest Virginia are not giving up…and neither should
A chance to see the mountains and meet the people threatened by corporate greed,
and to stand together for a sustainable future!


Join us for a Weekend in Wise County, in the incredible mountains of Appalachia.
The weekend will include tours of Mountaintop Removal sites, service projects,
local music, hiking and canoeing trips, as well as trainings on how to
bring the fight for a clean energy future back to your own home town. Meet
folks leading the charge against the greed of coal and energy companies
by standing up for a brighter future. See the beauty of the land we are all
fighting to protect, and see the devastation that threatens the future

Where: Wise County, Virginia

When: September 12 -14
Why: To learn about mountaintop removal and to experience the beauty of Southwest
What to Bring: You, your family, your friends, a tent and sleeping bag for
camping (other options are available by request), a camera, notebook, and an
open mind.
Food and accommodations will be provided at no cost, but donations will be
gladly accepted to support local efforts. Travel scholarships are available
by request.

To all Virginian Climate activists, a space is set aside Sunday for a planning
session for Virginia Power Shift.

This is our opportunity to stand together, across the region, to say “No
Mountaintop Removal! No New Dominion Coal Plant in Wise County” and “YES
Clean Renewable Energy, NOW!” Together, let’s show Dominion that
we’re not backing down.

Events will begin on Friday evening at 8 p.m. and will end on Sunday at 5

Friday night will include dinner, a movie and an update on the state of the
campaign to stop Dominion’s dirty coal plant in Wise County.

On Saturday morning we will explore the beauty and wonder of one of the most
Bio-Diverse regions in North America, canoeing on the Clinch River and
hiking in the hills of the Thomas Jefferson National Forest.

Saturday afternoon we will join many hands to make light work with a local
service project. Also on Saturday afternoon we will tour the areas of
Southwest Virginia most devastated by the cradle to grave impact of Coal,
from Mountaintop
Removal to Coal-fired power plants and waste disposal.

Saturday evening we will hear the stories of a few of the corageous Appalachians
that have taken a stand against the abuses of the coal and energy companies.
From West Virginia to Kentucky, Virginia to Tennessee, these are the
people that face the effects of Mountaintop Removal every day, and
have dedicated
their lives to doing something about it.
After dinner we will unwind with a concert featuring local musicians
and regional

Sunday morning will be spent learning the tools necessary to take the
fight for a clean energy future to our own communities.

For more information, rideshare and to register

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