September 15, 2008: Lockdown at Dominion construction site

On Monday, September 15 in Wise County, VA, about 50 activists
protested at the construction site of Dominion Power’s so-called “Hybrid
Energy Center”. The plant is really a dirty coal-fired
power plant that we are not going to let them complete. Ten activists locked
to steel
and other devices to blockade two gates at the site. Two of the barrels had
mounted solar panels being used to power LED lights in a banner that was raised
above the barrels, to show that there are cleaner alternatives to coal.

blockade lasted for about four hours and resulted in the arrest of the ten
activists who locked down and one other activist who was acting as a police
liason. All of the arrested were given the four charges of dispersal of unlawful
or riotous assemblies, criminal trespass, participation in an unlawful assembly,
and obstruction of justice. Two were also charged with 10 counts of instigating
trespass by others. Apparently the authorities saw these two as leaders and
can’t wrap their brains around the fact that we have no leaders. We expect
many of these charges to be dropped. The activists were arraigned the next
day and had their next court date set for Oct. 17 in Wise.

If built, this
coal plant would increase the demand for mountaintop removal coal in Virginia,
dump more mercury pollution in the Clinch River, and would not be compatible
for carbon capture technology.

This action was organized by Mountain Justice, Blue Ridge Earth First!, Rainforest Action Network, Asheville Rising Tide, and Students for Democratic Society.

For more information on the action including
video and photos, please visit

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