Support the Alpha 8

On June 20th of 2014, eight people were arrested for blockading the Alpha Natural Resources headquarters in Bristol, Virginia. In this action, we were continuing Mountain Justice’s ongoing campaign to stop Alpha from strip mining Coal River Mountain.

We were protesting to keep the water in neighboring communities drinkable, to keep cancer rates from skyrocketing, and to push for a healthy transition away from the coal economy in Appalachia. Unfortunately, Alpha was in no mood to play around. We were hit with heavy fines for ridiculous claims, such as the damage that police did to Alpha’s front doors during their attempts to extract us.

We now face $4,064 in fines. As large as that is, though, I think we can get there. The size and commitment of the Mountain Justice community has never ceased to astonish me. If we all pitch in what we can, we’ll be off the hook and ready for another action in no time!

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