TVA Coal Ash Pond Bursts In TN

Dear folks,

I could have expected more from the corporate media but that would have been wishful thinking. I saw a 1.5 minute piece on this coal ash spill on the three local news stations. 2.6 billion gallons of coal sludge spilled into the surrounding area. The pond was 40 acres large. They were telling people to boil their water if they have wells in the area. Supposedly it had been leaking since 11pm last night according to the news. This is ridiculous. This is a crime.
We have a model for the media coverage of coal slurry spills in the US with the spill in KY in 2001. Please help us make this the media story that it needs to be. I am going back down there tomorrow to do some more video taping, distribution of information, and protesting. I really want to get to all the people living along the Swan Pond Rd with info about what is in the coal ash so that they don’t boil the coal slurry and drink it. This is insanity. Please help us!

If you have any spare funds for gas, copies, paper please send money to:

P.O. Box 20363
Knoxville, TN 37920

Make sure to write for TVA Coal Ash Pond Disaster.

If you can come down for a protest please let me know. If you can post info on the internet please do it. I will be providing up to the minute updates from the frontlines and hope to get the video up and running soon.
Till then,

Matt Landon – full time volunteer staff person for United Mountain Defense

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