Dear folks,

WE NEED INDEPENDENT AIR MONITORS NOW! Bring a hazmat respirator,

United Mountain Defense has been leading the charge for the on the ground
response here in Harriman. We have been here since day one gathering more
than 80 water
and coal samples and more than 50 hours of video footage. Because of your
help we have gotten free heavy metal testing for more than 29 local residents
by the disaster. The next big push for help that we need is probably the
one that will impact you the most, AIR, AIR, AIR. No one is testing the air
TVA and the private corporation that they hired. And guess what they are
saying every thing is fine. Please donate hazmat respirators.

They have 5 stationary particulate monitors and a few hand held monitors.

Well if you could feel the back of my throat and the hear the hacking coughs
that eminate from DEEP in these folks lungs you would second guess about
the data coming from TVA. TVA has lied about the water and they are currently
about the air. People are being evacuated by doctor’s orders because of respiratory
damage due to fly ash. Doctors are prescibing respirators. United Mountain
Defense volunteers are wearing double filter respirators that filter lead,
and some fine particulates. It is still getting through these respirators.
All of the reports are saying that the ash is wet and it is safe to breathe
It is a lie. There was a little boy here who had fly ash flushed from his
nasual cavity. It is in the air.

United Mountain Defense is requesting independent air monitors to show up
and hang out for a day, the weekend, a week or longer. I don’t know anything
air monitoring as I have been focused on water for the past 10 years but
my sore throat and burning eyes tell me we need air monitors. We have been
trying to
mobilize the Bucket Brigade but they say $10,000 before they can come. We
need testing for VOC’s and particulates. PLEASE HELP!!! We have spaces
for you
to stay for free and possibly gas money.

If you come down to monitor you are helping United
Mountain Defense
and we
will help you write and distribute your results through press releases and
at our website, we don’t need lone stars or cowboys down here. We know the
areas that need testing and already have permission from land owners to install
monitors. PLEASE HELP, cough, cough.

Thank you, contact me directly at 865 689 2778 or 865 292 1710.

Matt Landon
full time volunteer staff person for United Mountain Defense on the ground
of TVA’s
worst coal disaster since DEC 22, 2008

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