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Urgent! We need donations of cash now to get 20 people out of jail in WV for acts of civil disobedience in shutting down a mountaintop removal mine site.

Twenty year old Dustin Steel was beaten by police, badly injured, arrested and has been refused hospital care.

We need to get Dustin out of jail today in order to get him medical care. All of these brave activists are being held on a $25,000 per person bail.

Help by donating now!

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July 29, 2012

Contact: Charles Suggs or Mathew Louis-Rosenberg
304-449-NVDA (6832), [email protected]

Twenty arrested at Hobet mine, held on $500,000 combined bail

Police allow extensive harassment of protesters

Barboursville, W.Va. – More than 50 people affiliated with the R.A.M.P.S. Campaign stopped mining work for three hours on Patriot Coal’s Hobet mine in Lincoln County yesterday, the largest number of people ever to disrupt an active mountaintop removal site. Protesters walked onto the Hobet 45 mining complex; several locked themselves to a rock truck with banners reading: “Restore our mountains; re-employ our miners” and “Coal Leaves; Cancer Stays.” Twenty people were arrested and are being held on bail of $25,000 each at the Western Regional Jail. Multiple arrestees, including 20-year-old Dustin Steele of Matewan, W.Va., were reportedly beaten by authorities in custody.

The remainder of the demonstrators walked off the site when asked to leave by police. Authorities prevented their transport vehicles from driving down the public road to pick them up, forcing them to walk for four hours along the side of Mud River Road while allowing pro-coal demonstrators to harass them. After reuniting with their transport vehicles, they were barricaded on the road for an hour and a half by a blockade of miners in pickup trucks. A separate convoy of vehicles attempting to pick up demonstrators was blocked in by pro-coal demonstrators at a gas station where three individuals were pepper-sprayed. Pro-coal demonstrators were not stopped by police in their multiple attempts to block public roads.

“The blatant cooperation between law enforcement and the coal industry makes me embarrassed as a West Virginian. This brutality and disregard for safety is one of the clearest examples of the hold the coal industry has on the state government,” said Junior Walk of Whitesville, W.Va.

Earlier in the day, about 30 people gathered at the Kanawha State Forest with the intention of later joining the protest at Hobet. They were met by about 60 counter-protesters, but the tone turned non-confrontational as one miner struck up a lengthy dialogue with a local protester over the economic future of the region. Police arrested one activist who they accused of lying to them about not having identification, even though the only identification on him was a debit card–not a valid form of ID. After several hours, he was released with a ticket on the side of Rt. 94 far from any town and forced to hitchhike because police had confiscated his cell phone and debit card. An independent journalist was also arrested for photographing the incident.

Help by donating now!

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