What Can I Do to Fight for Mountain Justice?

  • Plan It – Plan meetings, actions,
    and Mountain Justice Spring Break / Mountain Justice Camp

  • Volunteer Work – On the ground, clean stuff,
    fix stuff, garden, mend fences

  • Research – Look at mining permits, find
    out what is being proposed and where, Coal to Liquids, so
    called “Clean Coal” and Carbon Sequestration fallacies

  • Organize – Long term placement in an area,
    working with youth, residents, building long term power
    that creates real improvement in people’s lives, for short
    term, support local organizers with listening projects,
    materials creation,

  • Lobbying – Working Clean Water Protection
    Act nationally (see www.ilovemountains.org)
    or on state level campaigns to end MTR and for clean energy
    and green jobs legislation.

  • Give Presentations/Pay Speakers – To
    churches through Christians for the Mountains, on campus,
    at house parties, show movies, fundraise to pay coalfield
    residents to come
    to your area and speak.

  • Materials Creation – Art projects, fact
    sheets, fliers, websites, brochures, posters.

  • Experts/Professional Resource Support – Find
    lawyers who will work for free/reduced, find university
    professors who can help with water testing and health studies,
    experts on hydrology (if you are an expert in this, then
    use your skills!)

  • Community Info – Listening projects, water
    testing, health studies

  • Action Planning – Planning, prepping, participating,
    prop making

  • Media Work – Filming, photography, writing,
    recording – especially
    at actions

  • Monitoring/Ground truthing – hike around
    with GPS to make sure the mine is within the permit boundary,
    track species living on a mountain before it is mined, look
    for toxic water spills after rainstorms – Hike around/4-wheeler
    to catch the company violating regulations.

  • Fundraising! – fundraise
    for community groups and/or Mountain Justice

  • Organizational Building – Record keeping, data input,
    filing, tracking media, campaign assistance, media work

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